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Our organization is dedicated to the non-surgical correction of scoliosis.

Our facility includes a treatment center, exercise facility, lecture hall, and laboratory where Level 3 Technicians custom design each Copes Dynamic Brace.

We are committed to treating the entire disease. Idiopathic scoliosis affects more than just the spine. Recent studies have shown that scoliosis compromises five of the body’s systems: digestive, hormonal, muscular, osseous(bones), and neurological.

Our approach to treatment takes this into account to alleviate associated symptoms while correcting the curve. Contact us for more information at 225-752-4912.

About Scoliosis.com

Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of spine, affecting muscles, ribs, CNS, and endocrine system.

Learn symptoms, non-surgical protocol, advance bracing system, exercise, home therapy, home screening, etc.

We also provide an advanced understanding of scoliosis with the latest medical findings in the non-surgical treatment of scoliosis and full spectrum screening process.

Learn about the changes of muscles, ligaments, disc changes and spinal column.

Why does scoliosis progress and what should be done to stop and reverse the disease.

Gain knowledge of the biomechanical, nutritional imbalance, neurological, hormonal, digestive, and psychological problems.

We are the inventor and originator of the non-invasive treatment recovery protocol, with 25 years of research, technology and, treatment experience.

Want to learn how to stop and reverse scoliosis? Call 1-800-303-0770.

What makes "Scoliosis.com" different?

During your stay in Baton Rouge, you will experience a true team approach.

During the first day, you will be measured and casted for a personally designed and custom fabricated Copes Dynamic Brace. You will spend time with our very capable professional staff and Orthotist.

During the second day, a full overview of the treatment protocol will be explained to the patient and parents.

On the third day, you will be introduced to your new custom designed brace. In addition to the fitting, a review of protocol and brace usage will be given to support and achieve maximum assurance of correction.

On the last day of your visit, we will review and answer all possible questions.

It is the combination of experience within our staff that will help insure that you achieve the most out of your program. You can rest assured that your time in Baton Rouge will be spent with a caring staff who will support and guide you toward the path of non-surgical correction.

Following your treatment stay, we will continue to monitor your progress. Periodical bi-monthly calls, 6 week brace observations, quarterly examinations and x-rays will guarantee you a successful curve correction.

SpineCore Failure Rate

Before looking at other options, be sure to read the Scolioisis Research section of this web site.

It contains important research such as the Spine 2008 research of SpineCore (another option available) which indicated a failure rate significantly higher than rigid spinal orthosis.

See our Scoliosis Research section to learn and understand the complexities of scoliosis.

For office appointment call us at 225-752-4912.