The Milwaukee Brace


We do not use the Milwaukee Brace.

Dr. Walter Blount and Dr. Albert Schmidt of the Medical College of Wisconsin, and Milwaukee Children’s Hospital, developed the Milwaukee Brace in the late 1930’s. The brace was fabricated from 12 different steel super structure kits, with a custom-trimmed pelvic girdle. A static pressure pad applied a force to hold the curve from progressing with the hopes that the patient will grow up straight. However, the patient had encountered pressure sores from the pelvic girdle, thoracic force pads, and lumbar force pads. The X-ray exposure time was also increased due to the inability to penetrate the steel super structure.

There was only a mere 50% success rate for sustaining the curve from progressing, and not correcting the curve. In addition, there was an increased risk of periodontal teeth problems, and an increase in physiological problems, or self-image issues. Wearing the brace had even resulted in a decrease in social activities, leading to a lower percentage of marriages for women who had scoliosis.